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HOSLAND is a brand of baby milk powder formulas, which were designed for the most demanding infants and toddlers to meet their nutritional needs.
The composition of these products is modelled on the most valuable mother's milk. HOSLAND formulas represent a significant part of a balanced diet, while ensuring adequate daily intake of nutrients necessary for normal and healthy growth and development since the first days of life.



Geo-Poland (, based in Poznan, Poland, is a manufacturer and exporter of powdered milk products for infants and other age groups.

Geo-Poland has been exporting its own products to Asia, Africa
and America since 1992.

Since 2005 the company has been developing a line of products
for infants and toddlers under its own brands Mami Lac
and Hosland.

Geo-Poland's products for infants and young
children were positively assessed by the Institute
of Food and Nutrition in Poland, and they have been
approved for the Polish
and European Union markets.

Hosland is a registered trademark
of Geo-Poland sp. z o.o.



HOSLAND baby milk formulas tins are produced at Geo-Poland’s production facility in Kutno, Poland.

The quality management systems HACCP, ISO 22000 and GMP have been implemented at the production facility and they are rigorously observed.

All raw materials are carefully selected and come from the best and most reliable suppliers from Western Europe (mainly from Netherlands, Germany and France). The technological processes run according to the highest European quality standards.

The facilities are modern and of the highest quality. The whole range of products for infants is produced according to the pharmaceutical standards. The technological processes are subject to the ongoing supervision of sanitary and veterinary authorities.


Our products are packed in 400g, 800g and 900g tins at the production facility in Kutno, Poland. All the kinds of tins have a "peel off" opening system with a plastic lid. Packaging is done in aseptic rooms (clean rooms) and the whole plants have a system of air-conditioned areas with different levels of air pressure. Our modern laboratory continuously monitors the quality of the production process and products.

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